the fourth

for the morning, spent at mom's picnic table. a sunny & bright morning. muggy too. we had fresh out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls, fruit and icy water.
nephew and I squealed over a crop of kittens in the barn.
Picked & ate my first fresh cherry tomato of the season.
the windmill was barely creaking, as the south wind was not in action for the morn. I finally felt the summer sweat on my skin. (wasn't as thrilled as I thought I'd be, these past weeks of cool, rainy days).

for the afternoon party, at another farm. few miles north of town.
a slip-and-slide had been set up for the hot kids. an 2-gallon jug of Mojitos had been made for the adults. we also had plenty of High Life keeping cool. then a storm rolled in. we watched it come for about an hour. the dark clouds just keeping getting more and more steely-blue. then the wind came, and leaves began swirling in the air. then, the rain. a slow, soaking, summer rain for the rest of the evening. we ate grilled chicken, baked beans and chips with a salsa straight out of the day's gardening. with umbrellas in hand. or standing under the old tractor shed next to rusty a rusty combine. and eventually, the fireworks came out. which the boys (and kids) set off, in the rain. indignant, or just accustomed, Kansans do what they must. even when the weather is uncooperative. especially, when it involves setting off expensive and noisy fireworks.

there was also an escapade involving someone's dog catching & killing a rooster. since somehow, the chickens got out of their coop.

came home buzzy from the minted rum, and ready for some dry clothes.

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