50cent watermelon & blackberry jam

it is true that I may have bought this little watermelon with the curly-q top, simply because of the cute factor. (similar to why I bought a little purple & white striped eggplant last weekend--even though, I don't even like eggplant)
but it is also far less overwhelming, the idea of eating this little thing vs. one of the huge ones.

I've been converted to the blackberry (or apricot) jams & jellies of a elderly woman (who always is under a wide-brimmed straw hat) at the farmer's market. she picks the blackberries. and turns them into delicious-ness.

mom mentioned once, how long the winter seemed at a point, when she realised how much longer she had to wait to taste this blackberry jam again.

so, I've stocked up. 3 in the fridge.


  1. i'm wondering what the blackberry jam would taste like ON the watermelon.

  2. only three jars? if you run out, let me know and i'll ship you one of the bleberry-lime jams i made this summer, along with raspberry-blueberry freezer jam, starwberry freezer jam, raspberry jam, rhubarb chutney, and pear chutney. i've been on a canning kick :)

  3. a blueberry-lime jam must be delicious.

    I'm jealous of your canning kick. next summer, I may just get myself on one too.


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