went out to the christmas tree farm and cut my tree. the cute, young smiley guy in the Carhardt's overalls wasn't sure I'd be able to cut it on my own. but, I'd done it okay last year.

it was particularly windy. and of course, cold. but I walked around and found one just short & fat enough to fit my wants. and into my trunk for the drive home.

and now she's all dressed up in lights and stuff.

and when I walk into my house, I get a whiff of that christmas pine.

tis the season, in my house.

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  1. i'm glad one of us is experiencing the joys of the season 'cause i am feeling ABSOLUTELY no holiday love this year. it all just seems like way too much of a bother.

    the only thing that kind of gets me in the mood is that ll bean commercial where the kids put on headlamps and wait for santa. that's pretty darn cute.


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