great things list #9, Spring

today is the Spring Equinox.
First day of Spring.
A season of Hope.
a day that most of us who make daily drudges through winter, look forward to.
though it could still snow, or freeze, basically Spring is here.
I can tell walking outside, I can smell things. the air is actually verdant. b/c the world has thawed. and living outside again.

dreaming of fresh basil on fresh tomatoes, all warm from the sunshine.
the basil sprouts, above. at 17 days.

dreaming of zinnias. in the summer.

and now the time comes, to start feeling busy because the outdoors must be tended to.

1. move compost pile to garden plot, work into soil at least 2 ft. deep
2. rake up leaf piles that have acted as mulch through winter.
3. plant peas?
4. trim crazy-lady looking shrubs around house.
5. plant pansies in front.
6. buy many cubic feet of peat moss
7. clean up new daffodil bed, around trunk of the Buckeye. line in red bricks.
8. repair, or have repaired, the crumbly edge of concrete front stoop
9. go to greenhouse/nursery, for boost of spring/summer fever. try not to dream bigger than yard allows.
10. plant grass in bare patches of backyard.

Finally, I hope everyone got to read this NYT editorial on Obama and his historic & honest speech about American's racial divide and its ability to be a more perfect union. Or for that matter, read the speech/see the speech. A profile in courage, healing the racial divide, a ray of hope.
I believe in the greatness of this country, its citizenry & its power to lead by example. But I think our country has been, and is being, torn apart by divisions politically, religiously & economically. And so I hope, though our greatness has been fractured, it yet can be rebuilt. By its people & its democratic process. Obama has the strength & integrity to lead us through that.

A chorus of our Union, touched by the better angels of our nature.

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  1. it's rather exhausting thinking about all i have to do to my yard. so i foresee another year of doing nothing really and just getting by.


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