garden tour

a hot weekend. but hot like Kansans know it should be, by August. so we don't even always bother to stand in the shade. since, it doesn't help a lot. though we do try to hold a bottle of icy water along with our bottle of beer.

a group of us had our first garden tour. organized by a man with a magical garden of his own. the group was meant to bike around town to visit our own gardens--though not all of us managed the bicycling part.

Sunday afternoon, we all gathered and traveled from place to place. My yard being #3 spot. I offered Shandy. Or plain lemonade. Or plain beer. My veggie garden was the smallest on the tour.

In my friends' gardens I got to see many examples of good Kansas wildflowers, almond trees, cherry trees and figs. As well as many beautiful sunflowers. And healthy veggies. And rainwater/barrel collection. (I'm inspired)

We ended picking cucumbers for ourselves, and having a potluck at the final destination. Complete with "dirt cake". The afternoon was hot, but it was full of fun. And now we all have next year's to look forward to. Thanks James.

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