one of my biggest loves, is our democracy. as imperfect as it can be & as hard it sometimes seems. but it is meant to grow, to change and to be constantly improved. It is meant to be cared for, strived for and appreciated. by the people who get to live with it.

and when the power of the people is proven. it is a reminder of how lucky we are.

when Obama/Biden took Ohio, I had tears come, feeling like 8 years of anger, fear & cheat, letting out in choked relief.

and when Virgina put it over the edge. I finally began clapping. It is amazing to feel Joy.

It is going to be a long, hard road. helping to fix what has been damaged in this country.
I believe the voting majority, have chosen the right people to do it.

oh wow. talk about the better angels of our nature & the swell of a chorus of our union. I wonder, Mr. Abe Lincoln. what you'd be thinking about now. or Martin Luther King, Jr. and his Dream. Or even Thomas Jefferson, as he had declared that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

congratulations America. we've decided to go with Hope. let's all stand together, and show the world just how amazing & great we really can be.

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  1. yay america! i keep bursting into tears every ten minutes.


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