I bought a scanner.

this is me, on my bigwheel. It is a little out of focus, since it is a high-speed action shot. I've heard from both of my parents that I was fearless on this thing. and often scared them to death, with bigwheelin' speed, twists & turns.

it is possible this was the only time I've ever been thought of as a daredevil.

I avoid things that frighten me. And I don't always make the best decisions, because of that fear. but I think in doing so, I ignore my own strength.

and i've been working on that. trying to be a little more of a daredevil. and hoping that if I take some chances, I might find that fun ride on a bigwheel again.


  1. I am speechless. I am very excited for more scanned baby elissa and ethan pictures. And of course, for more daredevilism.

  2. Aaaah, this was taken at Jardine in Manhattan. I remember this well. So cute!

    Lori Ann

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading your posts.


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