the lovely weekend...

waiting for company to arrive. with my house clean & lots of little plans.

made blueberry muffins. drank coffee on the porch.

there was a sunny bicycle ride around town. which ended when the old Flyer got a flat. and then it was a sunny walk back home for me.

a couple of meals in the backyard. this one with shandy made with Ad Astra Ale. mmm.
then baked lemon butter cupcakes, it was my birthday after all.

then with a couple few cucumber lime margaritas, some late night Dutch Blitz.
in which best friends are driven to start cursing, yelling & laughing at each other.

on my own again, I'd reserved the day for sunshine.
but the wind & clouds came instead. so some sewing. and I have
a little napper as company.


  1. i love your front porch :) it would be lovely to come visit you and see your home!

  2. Kait, you'd be welcome. Thanks!


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