las fiestas

this weekend is the annual las fiestas de taos. honoring the patron saints, santa ana y santiago.

music, mass & a carnival on the plaza. including an old carousel called "tio vivo".
watched a mariachi band play, but missed the azteca dancers. and the parades.

lots of little girls in ruffled skirts & flowers in their hair.

seemed like a lot of junk/carnvial stuff than stuff that would actually represent the point of the festival. like bedazzled t-shirts of pop stars & virgin de guadalupe instead of anything that might represent the patron saints.

I drank a lemonade one day. & a watermelon juice the next.

I also watched an old man use tiny metal saw to cut into a silver bracelet the words, "ad astra". which I'm enjoying having on my wrist. but that also I can't figure out how to unclasp.

& my niece will be getting a pink dress with embroidery of flowers & bugs.

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