a mom's weekend

before I left Kansas, mom had given me several packets of sunflower seeds.
they started blooming in time for her visit.

for the first time I was picking someone up at the train.

spent our weekend walking around town, showing mom  the places that i'm growing familiar with.
we visited the Millicent Rogers museum, a maze of rooms housing an astonishing & enviable array of native american & southwestern jewelry, art & religious antiquities.

and then we walked up a little road to the once home of Mabel Dodge. and thought about living in such a beautiful spot in a Taos of so long ago.

two places I'd wanted to see. and was happy to see along with mom & d.

 and now it is time to ready for Fall. bringing plants inside. thinking about how a garden should ready the winter. spending a week camping at winfield. losing the flipflops and stuffing my feet into real shoes. changing from tomatoes, cucumbers and peaches to apples & squash.

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