christmas journey

our drive to kansas started before the sunrise. so as we drove north, we watched as the sky over the mountains glowed in pinks.


and on our drive back to new mexico, the oklahoma panhandle was blanketed in white above, white below. 

we were cheered to find the skies turning blue as we continued west & south. 

our visit to kansas was brief. but we started with my father's side of the family, in a house full of relatives. with plenty of food and warm people. they all happily welcomed my d. I was glad to see them together, it means much to have all the parts of my family come together.

went to christmas eve service so that I could see my cuties on stage. and then with candles lit, we sang carols from the pews, reminding me of holidays past. then opened presents. only to wake up the next morning to see that santa had brought even more. even the cookies were gone, which amazed my nephew. then a little time at the kitchen table, playing with new animals & learning new toys. 

and now we are at home. with new snow. and a happy cat. and a day off to just do whatever.
and a fresh new year is coming. 

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