january warm light

"the real and proper question is: why is it beautiful?"
-annie dillard

a little january sunshine in the kitchen window.
we had faspa on sunday. and it was a nice reminder of the friends & community we have here. and I'll think we'll have another.

we're still snacking on the peppernuts. and the zwiebach lasted until yesterday. 

my sweet little niece called to invite me to her birthday party. which may be at the zoo. and I told her of course, while thinking to myself of how much more difficult it will be than last year. and a reality of, I may not be able too. and I'm trying to balance out what my life here is compared to what my life is there. 

i keep thinking that i'll have a moment of inspiration. that my desire to create things will find its key.  as if all of my interests will finally have a combined a-ha moment, and i'll have my quest in mind.

thank goodness for sunny days in wintertime.

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