waiting for the nasturtiums to go to seed.

and these poppies too. I have a goal of not buying seeds for next year, using only seeds I've gathered & saved.

cutting herbs to dry. thinking about winter meals. 

finding sunny spots indoors for the plants which were so happy outdoors.

earlier today we took a short walk. the sunshine is so warm, and the high desert oddly green. one of the rainiest seasons ever recorded. the chamisa is about to turn its brightest golden yellow, and soon the aspens will too.

otherwise, i've had far too many phone calls already in figuring out the expense and lingo of getting insurance. our truck isn't working, and so we wait to find out what the issue is and the cost. realizing I worry too much about money to enjoy unemployment. we're anxious to go up the forest for more wood. we have five cucumbers waiting to be eaten, and about 16 pints of sauce in the freezer. and occasionally, when outside, we can smell green chiles being roasted somewhere in this little valley. 

fall means preparing for what's next. getting ready for the winter days when the air is frozen & everything gets a little more still. 

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