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We are at 50% of the moisture we normally experience this time of year, and it is visible. On my last walk, the dusty road rose up to meet me at every gust of wind. As an ominous sign, wild fires started yesterday down south. Then last night, we had a dust storm so big, it felt like a glimpse of what our grandparents experienced during the Dust Bowl.

Dust devils rose like small tornadoes over the mesa. Strong, gusty winds full of dirt, blowing & swirling. They blew into town so thickly it looked like fog over the street lights. This morning, the feel of dirt still in our mouths. Everyone here prays for rain. Here's hoping those prayers are heard soon.

I don't have a picture of the dust out there, so I'm posting a post-rainy day picture from last year, full of green & moisture & optimism. Last year we had enough rain to pull us down from D4 drought to D3, so I'm going to keep hoping for a nature miracle.

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