evening glows

Yesterday evening D. suggested we take a walk, and enjoy the daylight-savings-change evening light. It has been a season or two since we took an evening walk. We saw several neighbors also walking, so we weren't the only ones inspired by the warm air & this new light.

The acequia is running. Since the community doesn't officially "clean" the acequia until April, we don't really know why it is already running. We guess it is due to drought, and the need for everyone to water trees & pastures. (As the acequias are natural irrigation ditches, they have to be cleaned of winter debris each Spring, and everyone who has rights to the acequia must contribute to clean-up...it is a community project that predates the Spanish.)

see the tiny moon up high

As we stood underneath the sunset-lit canyon, D., smiled and asked me if he's ever told me how amazing our neighborhood is. He of course has. Our luck at living here is reminded to us on every walk. But standing there, with the light glowing on rocks above us, the sound of the river rushing by, we were both pretty caught up in the romance of this land.

A number one reason for so many who have moved here, the light. The light is glowing, amber, & soft. It makes the bare, white Aspens glow, and the Red Willow shine. It even turns the boulders gold.

We'll be doing more of these.

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