july weekend

Last weekend we attended the Taos Pueblo Powwow for the Grand Entry (opening ceremony). The crowd seemed more subdued than our last visit, but it may have been the rain and cooler weather. We stood near the circle's entrance, which meant I got to watch each dancer as they came into the entry's dance.
I thought about how this ceremonial tradition brings together people from tribes all over, of different faiths, languages and communities. And yet they gather together for ceremony, remembrance and unity. And do any other groups of people (from different religions, communities and languages) in this country do this? 
Just as it began to get dark, the clouds broke, and a very full moon began to shine. The announcer of the Powwow stopped what he was introducing, so that he could tell everyone to look up at the moon. The moon, he explained, plays an important role in Pueblo tradition, and there it was, blessing the Powwow with its brilliant light.

Our monsoon season has begun. It clouds up and rains just about every afternoon & evening. I think we had a hot Summer for about a 1 1/2 weeks.  Because our Spring was cool, and our warm weather pretty short, the garden is not as flourishing as it was last year at this time. But it is growing, and very happily green. It is also just a bit stunted. A little bit shorter than last year. And it will probably be weeks yet before I have a ripe tomato (this altitude!). But I did pick our first cucumber today, and we munched it as I made dinner. I've been picking little bouquets of flowers (my favorite sign of summer) every other day or so. And I try to throw fresh chives, thyme, cilantro or oregano into dinner each night.

I spent my week learning my new job. Overall, I feel pretty good about things. I'm a little intimidated by all the people I need to meet and know, and I have a lot of work to learn and to do. I'll have some challenges ahead, but challenges are good for me. And I'm doing a kind of work I've been wanting to do for years. 

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