christmas cheer

I just don't have it this year. which is not normal for me. I do believe I've even forced cheer upon friends in the past. oh well. there is always next year.

was looking for inspiration on the LOC Flickr site, and the Google Life archives.

I found great photos. of other people's cheer.

I really should holiday it up a little bit. As I'll have a variety of guests for a few days. And how will I get cookies baked, without some sort of flickering holiday lights somewhere in the house?


  1. bah humbug is what i say. bah. humbug.

  2. You always come around in the end (to the side of holiday cheer - or at least the appearance of it through festive decor). What if you don't put any decoration up, and your pumpkin bread doesn't end up tasting right? I mean, I'll eat it anyway. But still - WHAT IF CHEER IS THE SECRET INGREDIENT???


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