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thanksgiving in chicago was good. & would have been if all we'd done was stay on Victoria St. & played cards. but since we also spent time with other kansans, and found time to walk, look at art, drink and eat around the city. it was better than good.

color on the city street.


tall buildings on the way to the museum of contemporary art. where I saw this Kara Walker exhibit (since the museum has no exhibit link, here's a Times article I read awhile ago), and initially gasped, oohed & ahhed. paper cuts, beautiful & haunting. also, alexander calder mobiles. amazing.


devon st., after a delicious dinner with hot, milky tea. as we passed stores of saris & bling-y bangles. I (mostly) contained the urge to go inside and wile away the time, just touching the pretty. and wondered why I'm such a non-bangle person. can't stand the jingling noises, I guess.

christmas at gino's north. pizza in the booths. strong drinks at the bar. the jukebox needed more country. but beautiful spot to enjoy a wintry evening drink.

more trip photos on flickr.

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