learning to live on new soil

a sunny bedroom window

most of the boxes are gone. and the routine of the day has begun to settle.

 one of the first things we planted, is now blooming. this orange-pink-glowing coneflower.

I can tell I'm away from people I love to see, but at the same time, I'm now getting to see one of those people every morning & night.

our old beat-up floor

as I drove myself to the grocery store (the one that seems remarkably like Dillons, but is called Smiths) I thought, this is what I knew I'd be doing one day. driving myself to the store in Taos. and here I am. living that past, present & future.

yesterday we decided to try and grow green chilies & cilantro too.

and as I watch these plants grow, not knowing what the soil is like, or how the cold nights & warm days will affect them, or even understanding what nutrients they need here or just how much I should be watering them, I'm very aware that I'm learning all of this about myself too.

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