the People

I woke up yesterday feeling the tears.
it was just the sadness of not holding their little hands as we walk to lunch.
or the effortless act of meeting a friend for a drink.
of not having to try so hard to make someplace feel familiar.

and then after I cried, I felt better.

as a part of the Taos Indian emergence myth, it is believed that Pueblo community began after many different groups of people finally gathered together from places far away. The groups that came together were the Feather people, Shell people, Water people, Big-Earring people, Knife people, Sun people, Old Axe people, Big Parrot Feather people, Lightning people and the Day people.

So, I'm just another people...A Kansas people, a Wheat-field people, a Great Plains people, or just a To-The-Stars-With-Difficulty people... that has come here to find a community. And if I can just be patient, I will find it too.

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  1. kansans in other states think happy thoughts for you more often than they ever tell you. xo, k


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