new growth. the basil seedlings, some now at a month-and a few days.

turkish rug. happily accepted from my stepmother. who felt she no longer had a place to display it. (of particular importance, is that she bought this while shopping with my best friend, in Istanbul) the Grey Kitty promptly showed her napping-approval. leaving a patch of fur.
some day it will be on a wood floor, in a newly painted white room. (when am I going to just take this project on? it hounds me)

lemon balm regrowth. (suggested as a must have last year by my friend t.)
it already looks triple the size it did when planted.

more signs of things I planted in the fall.

sprouts, from the compost in my garden bed.

also new, is that my little company has been purchased by a bigger one. and we now wait. to see what other new things this might bring.

this weekend I'll be acting as a delegate for our congressional district caucus. a new experience. with my new Obama tee.

--and, it is rainy here. which is good for everything growing outside. but makes my hair fuzzy.

--hoping that in 2-3 weeks. I'll be planting tomatoes. or, other new things...outside.

and finally yet most importantly new, my niece and her growing chunkiness & cuteness.

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  1. Wow. Your basil is leaps and bounds beyond mine. Can't wait to see your garden this weekend.


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