this "utensils" is one of the images I found from the Library of Congress Flickr site. still so very cool. not just in the imagery, but because it is meant for people to comment on--and help the LOC learn where the photos were taken & and who the people are. it is basically, a form of living, breathing research. so I wrote all of this awhile ago. in checking it again, I realised they are adding & removing. and a whole new set of photos have arrived. including this one below, called "saying grace before the barbeque dinner". The colors of the women's dress. As well as the movement of the men removing their hats. The site is moving history book. I can't get enough.

in small towns, it is easy to encounter juxtapositions of what is "modern" and what is "old". On Saturday night, I spent the evening with a friend. She brought her sewing machine over. And we sewed, chatted and had cocktails. A variation of something, women have done together for ages. (I'm thinking the cocktails are the modern-touch)

I've always been drawn to the old & the vintage. My old house is full of old things. I'm drawn to arts that rely upon handiwork. History books fill my shelves. I think it is only because, these things have proven their existence, and their longevity. I believe in them.

of course, I love my "new" things. like my computer. the internet. my computerized sewing machine. I just don't trust them as much.

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  1. Now I am obsessively clicking through those photos as well. And, as usual, wishing I knew how to sew.

    Sam told me to give you this link:



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