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The Library of Congress has a pilot project with Flickr. (The project is described, here) The hope is that by placing non-copyrighted images from the Library, up on Flickr, that they can actually learn more about the images. As some are missing information that would be valuable--like name of location etc...

I think it is a very clever and productive way for an "old" picture archive to be utilized by a "new" picture archive.

I did a search of the images for anything labelled Kansas. The above photo is "A church near Junction City, Kansas" -- and of course, now, I want to take a drive and see if I can find more about it.

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  1. actually. i think that's a church that's near council grove (?) on the flint hills scenic byway.

    i believe i've taken a picture of it that is remarkably similar. i will need to look.

    but i may be thinking of an old one-room school house. um. i wish i wasn't senile.


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