xmas.feastival.new year's.

happy 2008.

christmases were had. my dad liked the scarf I knit him.
my nephew learned to "rip and tear", and enjoyed helping all of us do just that.
the "caribbean" colored stockpot I bought my mother, on a spontaneous it's-on-sale whim, was a bit hit.
and the "reuseable" grocery bags, which I made for my stepmother & mother--made from muslin & duckcloth, were enjoyed and I fully trust, will be used. I've grown to be quite a crank, when it comes to all those plastic bags floating around in the world.

and I happily received Last-Minute Patchwork & Quilted, as well as the Italian go-to, The Silver Spoon.

Feastival was excellent. much pumpkin bread was eaten. as well as empanadas. and many bloody marys, whiskey spritzers and coffee w/ liqueur was enjoyed. and once again, the Dutch Blitz came out. causing a lot of cursing, frantic card slapping and fun. The "christmas" holidays would mean very little any more, if it were not for Feastival. and my darling friends, who always make me laugh. and seem to think I'm funny sometimes, too.

By New Year's, I was feeling the holiday exhaustion . But, all dressed up, joined my brother and sis-in-law to go to a New Year's party. where fun was had. drinks were spilled. the new year, rung in.

I woke up the next day, with the stomach flu nastiness. and only today, am finally feeling like I can eat most things, without worry.

now, for 2008. am thinking, new job? or start a new program to get my that master's in library science that has been tempting me for so long? a trip to sunny LA to visit that mysterious city of palm trees. a new addition to the family in March. this summer, a trip up North for a birthday extravaganza. hopefully another visit to the windy City. and most definitely, more wallpaper removal, plastering, painting, & gutter repair on the house.
oh, and the ever so stressful, 2008 election.

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  1. wait. you. ate. meat?

    maybe it wasn't the stomach flu after all?

    sweet little recap there e. i feel the same way about feastival and the holidays.

    glad the cheetos made you feel better.


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