great things list #4, Kansas

"if I went west, I think I would go to Kansas."
(Abe Lincoln, 1860)

Happy Kansas Day.
A list of some things I adore about this place.

  1. bluest & biggest sky
  2. tallgrass prairie
  3. turkey red wheat
  4. ad astra per aspera – to the stars, through adversity
  5. it has been home to generations of farmers, that I call family
  6. the smell of the green air, after a spring rain
  7. harvest time
  8. fireflies in the summertime
  9. the South wind
  10. huge backyards
  11. Walnut Valley Festival
  12. cottonwood trees
  13. zwiebach
  14. the Kansan spirit.
  15. I get to call it my home.
(I do encourage you other Kansans, to contribute to this list)


  1. the sunsets
    sunflower fields
    the flint hills in the fall (the brown color up against the sea blue sky)
    the way the flint hills in the spring make me want to get out of my car and roll around in them
    pick a small town in ks-walk down main street
    camping at clinton lake

  2. the biggest half order of biscuits and gravy ever in Dodge City

    the sound of trains rolling from town to town

    brilliant fall foliage and bittersweet growing in the trees

    sunwarmed tomatoes in the summertime

    sunsets that last an hour or more, uninterupted by those pesky mountains


    limestone architecture

    Kansas Basketball

  3. Jayhawk basketball (had to be repeated)

    Proud history of abolition and freedom

    The history and architecture of my first Kansas home, Fort Leavenworth

    Driving South on 35 through the Flint Hills or West on 70 through the Konza Prarie

    Hot, humid summers (no, really, I love them)

    The people - who only honk to say hello or warn you of an impending collision and are fair if not if always friendly (though usually they are friendly as well)

    Country roads and time to drive them

    This picture: http://www.kansascity.com/445/story/465533.html

  4. Today, the 8 Wonders of Kansas were named:


    In alphabetical order:

    1)The world’s largest hand-dug well, Greensburg, Kan.

    2)The Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, Barton and Stafford counties.

    3)The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, Abilene, Kan.

    4)The Kansas Cosmosphere, Hutchinson.

    5)The underground salt museum, Hutchinson.

    6)Monument Rocks and Castle Rock, Gove County.

    7)The Cathedral of the Plains, Victoria.

    8)The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and the Flint Hills, Chase County, Kan.

  5. JB to the illy1/29/2008 5:01 PM

    open skies...stars
    the people
    old buildings
    brown wheat field blowing in the wind
    warm one day cold the next

  6. my friend m5k reminded me that we forgot to add thunderstorms to the list.


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