summer kitchen

the old summer kitchen at my brother's farm, now fixed up with a stereo and christmas lights, has become a lovely outdoor shelter, for parties.

last night, outside with a fire in the pit (a salvaged bathtub), we spent the evening with a convergence of visiting out-of-state friends. whiskey, beer & friendly ridicule.

a storm towered to our south, and gave us an impressive light show all evening. with harpy winds. it moved just to the east of us, on its way north. (and, gave others some destructive winds & hail).

a stormy light show, I think, that can only be seen, here on the mid-western plains.

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  1. yay for summer in kansas.

    it's fing 40º here and WINDY. sprinter blows. literally and figuratively.

    i kinda wish i were in ks right now.


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