it bloomed. as have a variety of iris around my house. many of which were planted long before I was. I think these are the iris which mom believes have "bridal" in the name. they are big, beautiful and white. and would be lovely, if one were getting married. in mid-May.

green beans. they are so big, they actually have to push the earth up, in order to get out into the sun.

am so excited for what is to come. where last year there was one, this year there are five.

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  1. I don't think I will ever cease to be delighted by the difference in growing season between Chicago and Kansas.

    I just saw my first will-unfurl-in-about-three-days Iris bloom yesterday. But it was an outlier. The rest of the Iris here have barely left the ground.

    Right now it is Lilac mania. The air around my apartment is like a perfume bottle there are so many on my street.


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