stormy may

our afternoons are sunny & warm, which give way to nightly storms. plenty of rain & firepower. so far, my little area of Kansas hasn't been rocked to hard. I'm not a Kansan that enjoys storms. they keep me awake & slightly nervous. but, they are amazing. in a terrifying way.

with the sun, comes bursting plants.
Sunday, finally put many things in the ground. two cherry & one grape tomato plant. the basil (Siam Queen Thai, is center in this photo) which I'd started from seed. marigolds. chives are perennial from last year. the green bushy thing in the background, is some mighty happy returning oregano.

I also sowed:
more Genovese basil
nasturtiums (Empress of India & Fordhook Favorites)
zinnias (Red Spider, Exquisite & State Fair Mix)
green beans (Kentucky Wonder)
globe amaranth (Strawberry Fields)


this huge iris is about to bloom. the bud is at least two fingers. the stalk is practically up to my chin. it looks like it will be a glorious white flower. I had transplanted some iris from mom's farm, and this must be one.

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