this weekend my friends here surprised me with a b-day party. I was so unsuspecting, that it took a good 5 minutes for me to believe the party was for me, and not just a joke. (that & I had to get over the fact that everyone was looking at me, which is always unnerving.) after a lovely evening on a deck on the edge of town, the party led to a bar, where there was loud show. which led to me losing my voice. and now sounding like I took up smoking again.

thanks friends. I haven't given much thought to this birthday. frankly, I'm not thrilled.

my chubby niece was in party attendance, wearing a sweet little sundress. which I'm now inspired to begin making en masse, for her summer-wear.

as a present to myself, I am planning to find someone I can pay, to mow my eagerly growing lawn.

a present to me, from my brother. an illustration named "peg-leg". this photo doesn't give its colors justice. but I love it. it lives now on my mantle.

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  1. yay early birthday. the illustration is fantastic.


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