big sky, bigger trees

so much can happen when with three of your closest friends in a beautiful place with lots to eat & drink.
the montana trip, for friend Q's b-day, was a truly great one. when you spend time with people who just, know, you. and mix in nature wonderlands. good times.

took a long drive up to magical Glacier Nat'l Park. where we could only drive in 16 miles due to weather/roads. but I saw enough. to know that it is magically wooded with waterfalls and more-than-bubbling brooks. mossy & rocky. with trees taller than buildings here at home. and sheltering mountains capped in snow. I believe a statement was made, that you wouldn't be surprised if you saw a unicorn. that's just how fantastic it is.

the colors of green were amazing. and the sun was fighting to get through the trees.

much more to the trip. which I'll post about in another blurb.

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