yesterday, according to my desk calendar, was Juneteenth. honoring a day when slaves in some parts of the South heard that they were free.

and also, according to a wise source, it appears I've been too distracted to keep this little blog updated. so here.

the tomatoes have reached my height. my fear is that this is due to not enough sunlight, and not because of my gardening mastery. nonetheless, they are also now blooming. tomatoes in July!

the basil needs harvesting. on the to-do list of next week.

the green beans are barely budding. but will be a-need-a-picking soon.

the bergamot has produced an interesting flower. and the bed of bergamot, lemon balm, thyme & lavendar, next to my back porch. is just about the best smelling place you might find.

finally, an interesting and rather precarious addition, to my back porch. for a time.

on the agenda. trip to the big sky north over the summer solstice. not that the big sky is bigger than this blue one I'm under now. but I'll be joining my dear friends. and when I return, will have some pics of mountain country to share.

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