catching up

two summery weekends have past.
wedding of friends, which was sunny, windy and warm. as any Kansas June wedding is. if not chilly, windy & wet. it was a country wedding. with plenty of food, friends and happy smiles. though also some mosquitoes. we had on springtime prints, freshly done nails & fancy hair with many bobby pins & hairspray.

the past weekend, simply warm. with lots of breezy daytime weather. got some weeding done. and marveled at my suddenly huge tomatoes, green beans & morning glories. there was also grilling of meat, ice cream over brownies, plenty of whiskey--good stuff on ice, cheap stuff in coke. and daytime naps in the air-conditioning.

and last night, a visit from my nephew & niece and their parents. with some DQ in hand. a lovely way to end a weekend.

upcoming, Montana.

and then will come the 4th. one may begin to wonder just how quickly the summer plans to fly by.

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