saturday coffee, adobe & art

saturday morning my laziness & indecision about breakfast led to a suggestion by d. that we head out to eat.  so we made our way out to one of our prettier restaurants. and were seated by the fireplace.

though we'd had coffee at home, my first instinct when out for breakfast is for another hot cup. when d. didn't order any, it seemed odd to me that he didn't want anymore. (then after we got home from the restaurant, he poured himself another cup from our pot. why pay for coffee when we had some at home, he says. and this is an example of a difference between he & I. for me, the coffee was part of the enjoyment of the experience, for him, a drain on the pocketbook. we will work through this.)

we ate well & warmly. and the coffee was delicious.

just across the street, in the ranchos de taos plaza, is one of the landmarks of Taos. famously photographed by ansel adams, and painted by georgia o'keefe. and though i've driven by it many times, this time we took a walk around the courtyard.

built over two hundred years ago under the direction of the franciscans, it appears very elegant in adobe.

a little mary in the courtyard, protected by her own adobe enclave.

we stopped into a corner shop near the church, & found ourselves in a tiny old adobe, dusty & smelling of mothballs, and full of treasure hunting. the friendly, story-telling shopkeeper warned us that he wasn't even sure what was in all the nooks & crannies. I picked up a sweet little basket which he proudly told me was made out of yucca by the Hopi of the First Mesa. and I was sold. and when I told him I'd like to buy it, he said he may cry....as he loved the basket and didn't think anyone had taken it from off the wall before.

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  1. i would love to be lazy on a saturday morning and go out for breakfast - and coffee - seated next to a fireplace.


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