sunday's bread

a reason to spend time in the sunny kitchen this late winter afternoon.
baking some bread. finding nourishment in the time & outcome.

the oatmeal bread from the more-with-less cookbook.
a cookbook that is like a secret password, if you know what it is, then you know what it is to grow up eating with mennonites.

a good bread, with only a little sugar & butter, and this time I upped the whole wheat flour a bit. ever on my quest to make sure what we eat tastes good, but is healthy for us too.

now for the high-altitude part. keeping it from rising too fast. getting the oven real hot. wondering if it is done, even when it looks done.

when we first moved in, I had a hard time with the lime-green paint job done by a previous tenant. I had plans to paint.
i realize now how I've gotten used to it, along with this old adobe. it has become our cozy first home.

but it will be fun to find the next home. hopefully with more sunny rooms than just the kitchen.

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