winter shoes

we rented some snowshoes & poles, and took an afternoon stroll. a couple of hours on a mountain trail.

this was my first time. i'm new to snowy mountain sports. and i've been hesitant to put on skis. but snowshoes sounded like a good idea, and I was curious.

we had clear skies with the bright, warm sun. and a few cold breezes. (and we put on sunscreen, mom). the snow wasn't very deep. and the snowshoes scrape & swish as you step along. we were the only people on the trail.

we debated over the animal tracks we saw in the snow. beer, deer, elk, possibly a fox or raccoon. definitely a lot of rabbits.

and it was a very lovely walk. with just the quiet sound of the wind in the tall trees. and it was fun, trying something that was new, as well as something that is an important part of what makes him happy here in the mountains.

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