convent of tepotzotlan, 1924

Tina Modotti, an Italian photographer born in 1896.
She moved to Mexico City for love, only to arrive two days after her love  died of smallpox.

costume from tehuantepec

She stayed in Mexico. She met and began working with Edward Weston . She documented Diego Rivera and the Muralist movement. He painted her into his murals. And she then hosted the wedding party for Rivera & Frida Kahlo.

man with box of plants on his head,

staircase, 1924

She joined the Communist Party, quit photography & moved to Russia for political work, which she considered more important.

She died in 1942 in Mexico City, and Pablo Neruda wrote her epitaph.
He wrote that she was made of, "bees, shadows, fire, snow, silence and foam"

woman with flag, 1928

She took beautiful photographs and she knew many of the finest artists that I can only read about.

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