saturday art night

last night we had the time to visit an art opening.
we live in a town full of galleries & artists, but don't often take part in the sociable openings.
the small talk can be intimidating.
but I tell myself that these are the things that help a person learn about the place around them.

the show was called High Art/Low Brow.
and it was a mix of artists using found art & pop art.

my favorite was right by the front door of this little gallery. stacked up the wall were sketches on the inside page of old book covers. many of the books had been stamped as "withdrawn".
i like that they were books meant to be thrown out. and instead are now art on a wall.
simple pencil sketches on beautiful old, embossed panels.
it was the kind of art I most felt could have been mine.

the night was pretty & snowy. snow had fallen all day, in huge, wet clumps.
i'm still surprised by all the snow here. but i live in small mountain town now.
my skyline is now snow-white dusted mountains.
looking wise & old.

after leaving the gallery, we walked around the corner to the Taos Inn.
we talked about how our own talent & creativity could be art on a wall someday.
we talked about how we could do it together.

the Inn was crowded with skiers and out-of-towners. it was a cozy, talkative place to be.
we had drinks. and some dinner.
a lively jazz band was set up in the lounge, playing away.

what started as a visit to an art opening, turned into a date night.

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