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we visited Posi awhile back, and this time we visited Poshuouinge.

also a pueblo ruins site. on a climb up to a large mesa, which overlooks the Chama River near Abiquiu.

the Poshuouinge people lived here until the late 15th century, leaving for other parts before the Spanish arrived. they are thought to be the ancestors of the Tewa people (who now inhabit places like the Santa Clara Pueblo.)

I had read about it before we left for the daytrip. D. was suspicious, as he'd never heard of it. The directions instructed that the sign was small. And it was. A bit off the road, just past a gas station, is a parking lot. And after a short, steep climb, you arrive to the mesa.

What is now a large area of sandy hills & pottery shards, was once a city with three-story buildings and about 700 rooms.

Much like Posi, it is a (visual) treasure hunt of pottery & the possibility of an arrowhead. Unlike Posi, it hasn't been as visited, so the shards are under foot and still mostly scattered (at Posi we found them in groups all over.)

we both got caught up in what was under our feet, and wandered away from each other. trying not to do harm, trying to take in the immensity of what is now and what was then.

having loved the idea that guests before us at Posi had begun collections & left them, I began a few at Poshuouinge.

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