april spring

book cover, Gwendolyn White, 1936

this morning was my first in feeling like Spring is truly on its way.

though we still get close to freezing at night, I've placed a few plants outside. so they may soak in the much missed sunshine.

and the seeds I started are starting to do things.

on Friday, I drove by a crowd on the lawn of Our Lady of Guadalupe (which is down the street from where I live). people dressed in dark respect, with heads down, praying. a few men holding a cross with the body of crucifixion. There, on that street, at la iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, a crowd has gathered to honor the days of Easter for 200 years.

it is the ceremony that catches me. that it is a time for people to come together. and the older I get, or maybe the further from home I am, it is that time of togetherness that gives me pause.

Spring, with its tiny budding plants and warmer air, its message of rebirth, is itself a Book for Happiness.

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