Self-Portrait, Mendocino, 1965

Imogen Cunningham was born in Oregon, April 12, in 1883.
She bought her first camera at age 18, and majored in Chemistry after being advised it was the best degree for a future photographer. Her first job in a studio was to assist Edward Curtis. Later, at the invitation of Ansel Adams, she worked as a faculty member at the California School of Arts.

Amaryllis, 1933

Three Vegetables, 1946

Papaver Orientale, 1965

The Unmade Bed, 1957

The first photo of hers I'd ever seen was the Unmade Bed. As a teenager, I bought it as a postcard and kept it on my wall like a piece of art. 

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  1. Thank you for your posts on women artists. As an art teacher, I have noted recently how little women get talked about. I saw a movie "Who Does She Think She Is" about the plight of women artists, and it made me really re-think how I teach about art history and how few women are there. It's a reflection about how I was taught art history, but I'm working to change that! And you're helping!


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