casa nueva, en Mayo

future bedroom 

we found a place to move to.
for awhile we've been talking about moving out of Taos, to a house with land & trees & quiet.
and we found one.

a year ago I put my house on 200 Allison on the market so that I could move here.
it was exciting. and sad.

the little adobe we've been living in the past year has been fine. but too small. too old. and too close to so many people.

come May 1, we'll be able to move a little north, just 15 minutes outside of town, to a tiny place named Arroyo Hondo. to a house full of tiled floors, white adobe walls, high ceilings and windows everywhere. and just outside, a acequia runs, making little waterfall sounds.

so once again it is exciting (setting aside all the anxiety I get just from the act of moving...I'm by far better suited to stay in one place for long periods of time--change just upsets the sense of stability I try to create in my world). and this time it is not sad.

we'll be there soon little house in Hondo.

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