love & equality

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.
-Pablo Neruda

I'm lucky that if I were to marry my partner, we'd have no legal barriers in our way. I'm a woman who loves a man, so my country would be cool with us marrying. (though why we have to legally marry to prove to our government or our community that we're in a committed partnership, is a whole other topic) 

I have long felt the legal institution of marriage in this country is a farce, when it has only been allowed to certain people, and not to all people. But our country made steps today, towards changing that. By allowing Americans an equal right, under law, to marry who they love, despite their sexuality, the Supreme Court has given the institution of marriage new a level of dignity. (only 37 states to go!)

What a beautiful, simple thing.  And it came about in a culture that is evolving in its own way to accept this kind of change. Letting people spend their lives with who they love. 

Days like these make me think of my niece & nephew, and how wonderful it is, to think that as they come-of-age, they may be living in a country that will treat them equally, no matter who they love. It brought me to tears. 

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