lunch at the lake

we woke up early today so we could take a hike up to Williams Lake, which is at the foot of Wheeler Peak (the state's tallest peak). 

as we near the lake

the altitude (& my rather lazy past year) hits me and makes the first hour of our hikes feel brutal. I hit a moment when I'm dizzy, can't breathe, and decide I might rather turn around. though knowing that if I keep going, I'll be happier. so I do, & I get through it. my lungs open up, and my head gets clear. and suddenly, I'm enjoying the huge blue sky, the amazing trees, and the way walking up a mountain can make you feel so strong.

williams lake & the peak

we varied between shady, lush forested areas and sunny, rocky places. 

d and wheeler peak

about 2.5 miles up, we greeted the lake. found a sunny, grassy spot and ate the sandwiches & carrots which d had packed up for us.

sitting there, in this spot carved by a glacier, with snow in top view and cool breezes around, with the high old green mountains around us, d. pointed out that having this, and then something so opposite like the Gorge, all so nearby, is one of his reasons for loving New Mexico.


the mountain flowers are in bloom, in yellows & reds & whites, and berry patches were all over the place. and luckily, some "Colorado Blue" columbines also.

it was a beautiful way to enjoy one of our first days of summer.

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