our nice little house has one main heat source, a wood-burning stove. this will be an adjustment, sort of. I'm not a stranger to a winter kept warm by a stove. but it has been awhile...
and it means two things: no heating bill, and a lot of wood to cut before Fall gets cold.

(actually it means a third too, have lots of wool socks & long underwear)

this was something we are both okay with. we want to lower our bills, and live on less, and neither of us are bothered by the work it will take to stockpile the wood.

and it takes work to live on less. not just the physical, but the mental as well. i've had a good income from a job that gives me headaches and nausea, & paid me well to feel that way. i've been able to buy new clothes, new shoes, dinners out, salon haircuts, and well, just whatever "new" thing I've wanted without worry, for years. and soon, I'm going to give it up. and it will have its challenges. but I certain I'm going to be happier. 

we are making choices that help us live on less. and we are lucky this is our choice and not something we've been forced into. we are also lucky that we are both up for the challenge. 

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