a dip in el rio

our best nearby place for a swim is the Rio Grande. 

beginning somewhere in southern Colorado, the Rio Grande winds its way down through New Mexico, and then becomes part of the Texas/Mexico border. (in Mexico its name changes to the Rio Bravo.)

yesterday to beat the heat, and enjoy a few lazy hours with friends, we packed up cold drinks, hats, sunscreen and river shoes, and took a dirt road to El Rio. after a little walk on the trail we found a good shore-spot to throw a blanket. we weren't alone. all along the river walked parents carrying coolers and kids holding brightly colored rafts. some people also carried fishing poles, others with a beer in hand. from up & down the river you could hear laughing, splashing & music playing. 

the river, a dark green, is slow & low right now (due to drought). and wide enough that you can't quite see the faces of the people on the other side. the rocky canyon towering over us all.

for a few hours we enjoyed the hot sun & the cold water. leaving as the afternoon clouds were building up for the day's rain. 

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