misty mountains

so much rain fell yesterday & night (the kind that drops full force & windy) this morning I woke to a coveted moment in New Mexico. -- wet, misty, foggy, muggy & muddy. the tree branches hanging low with heavy moisture.

I read somewhere that New Mexico gets 75% of its rainfall in these few weeks of monsoon rains.

strolled out to the garden with my cup of coffee. a bit too chilly almost for just a t-shirt. and wet, wet greens & browns & puddles, feeling like Kansas after a summer thunderstorm.

the mountains have scattered fog hanging over them. wispy lost trails of moisture.

the roosters & the ravens are crowing all over the valley. and it seems like something was moving around in the tall grass near the property fence. (I haven't seen a snake yet up here, I'm not excited too)

tall tomatoes, blooming cucumber, bushy beans & basil!

it is a Monday morning. and soon I'll turn on the work computer, and do my corporate job. but my 15 minutes outside, alone, listening to all the morning sounds, checking on the garden (muddy & thoroughly watered) and getting my feet wet & cold, has made for a lovely start to the week.

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