morning starting july

it rained for a long time last night. a soaking rain from the dark sky.
the garden, the desert & the trees all seem fresh & happy this morning. the dirt & grass, more brown & more green in their wetness.

my cup of coffee often ends up on the garden fence post, as my hands inevitably end up weeding & tending. this morning I talked to the beans & the cucumber, as I helped them wind into their trellis. coaxing them towards support & success.

the green beans have a few blossoms.  the cucumber has sent out vines, seeking places to go. 

and our first sunflower has unfurled. (the seeds were a going-away present from kansas)

& having such happy morning glories makes me, well, happy. they will eventually cover this fence, in a wall of green & purple.

flying high in the sky, was a hot air balloon. we see them most mornings, out there over the mesa. I think of the people getting a view of the land, in way I haven't seen it. and then I think of them, as missing out on the view of the land, as I do see it.

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  1. I just love reading your blog. You are kind of living the life I envisioned when I was younger. I always thought I might end up in the mountains of New Mexico, so I enjoy seeing you life unfold there. It's not in a creepy way, I promise :) I knew you when you were young, sort of. My (not-yet) husband and I did child-care at the fellowship group your dad attended. And I worked with your mom at PV. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences in this way! Best wishes as you transition into a new job.


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