as august ends

we took this picture, back in early July, because I wanted to show how tall the sunflowers had gotten. (I'd asked that my stretched-out sweatpants not be in the picture, but...)
the picture makes me smile, because I appear to be in conversation with the sunflower, clutching my hands in some expression of sincerity. I believe what was truly happening, was that I was timidly checking out a huge bumblebee which had dug itself into the sunflower's petals.

in these last days of corporate responsibility, I have little to do. so this morning i'm drinking coffee, watching the news and updating my blog. but I can already tell, that without some productive goals in my day, unemployment is going to make me feel like a slug. I got the floors clean yesterday, maybe today it will be the windows. and next week I'll see if our little library needs any help shelving books.

I should be sewing. but my machine is in the shop. I have a million little & big things to do for the TaosFolk 2013 show. it has driven me anxious this week, with all the sewing I have piled up, but with no machine. I'm sure this is some test of patience. I'm trying to pass the test. but fingers crossed, the Singer will be ready for pick up today.

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  1. Relish the freedom for all of us who still haven't grown the balls to say "enough." You are brave.


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