august garden

some garden pictures from august. 
our tomatoes towering over d as he does some weeding. and the once blooming to slowly tipping over, yellowing sunflowers, flowering cilantro long-gone to seed, bushy happy green beans, and the basil which doesn't seem to decrease, no matter how many armfuls I pick. and though the cosmos are fading, I'm still picking plenty of colorful zinnia bouquets. the tomatoes are ripening fast now, and we have a batch of sauce in the freezer, and ate a batch on spaghetti (with fresh bell peppers) last night. we have more sauce to come. I'm eating handfuls of cherry tomatoes every day, and having to give some away too. 

the monsoons have become less frequent. and the afternoons hot. though today a rain did come through. which gave the garden some happy relief. 

these are the pictures I'll look at again in february when I need something green & warm to look forward too. 

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