gavilan walk

a bit ago, on a Sunday morning, we took a walk up the Gavilan trail, which I hadn't been on before. Gavilan is spanish for "hawk", and is supposed to indicate the steepness of the walk. since we only had an hour, we didn't get too far up.

but on the way, we looked for raspberries (but sadly, they were not fruiting yet, so we only found two). found an old mine shaft, which looked like a great spot for a bear--so I didn't really want to get too close. the whole area was once mined for gold & copper. I got entirely distracted looking through the mine trailings, and picking up magnetite (magnetic rocks!), copper-red rock chunks, and quartz covered in turquoise oxidation.

and there were trees, and wildflowers. and sunshine.

i'm on a monday of my last week of work. next monday i'll be wondering what to do next. saying goodbye to this job of seven years basically means boxing up a computer & cell phone, deleted years of files and no longer feeling obligated to a boss i'll never meet in an office I'll never see in a division that tore apart my team, and made me feel overlooked, unappreciated and, sort of lost without ties. so, i'll be better without this job. the only thing to suffer will be my bank account, and that, is just something to work on.

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